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Partner with Travel-Ticker and reach 11 million inspired, motivated travelers who are actively searching for travel deals. Our unique audience is highly coveted. They have disposable income and the flexibility to travel at a moment's notice — all they're waiting for is that perfect deal. Our team of experts works with top partners in the industry to negotiate truly irresistible travel deals at many of the world's favorite destinations, resulting in high conversion rates for advertisers.

Travel-Ticker's savvy subscribers have a keen eye for exceptional travel deals, and they trust us to deliver on their expectations. They won't hesitate to spread the word about a deal that passes their muster. In fact, they love being the first to hear about an amazing deal and the first to share it. That's just more word-of-mouth advertising for you.

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We have strong partnerships with more than 10,000 travel partners, which give our ready-to-book audience access to the best deals including limited-time offers, rarely seen niche providers, and exotic locations. Consider yourself in good company.

We provide editorial content that brings your deals to life in a compelling, enjoyable-to-read format. Our testing has found that this leads to increased engagement and conversion to your site.

Our team of PhDs and engineers have created a unique algorithm based on behavioral and geo-targeting that brings your deals front and center to customers most likely to book. This technology, combined with our team of experts who curate every single deal, lets you maximize your revenue potential.

We're active in social media, using Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about your deals to our 80,000 (and counting) followers. We also offer opportunities for Twitter and/or Facebook only deals to help you experience the vast reach of viral marketing.

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