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Grand Hotel & Suites
Grand Hotel & Suites
225 Jarvis Street, M5B 2C1 Toronto, Canada
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Canada Suites on Bay
Canada Suites on Bay
736 Bay Street, M5G 2M4 Toronto, Canada
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Trillium Suites - Convention Center
Trillium Suites - Convention Center
300 Front Street West, M5V 0E9 Toro...
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Glen Grove - Conservatory Tower
Glen Grove - Conservatory Tower
736 Bay Street, M5G 2M4 Toronto, Ca...
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Red Maple Suites - Icon
Red Maple Suites - Icon
270 Wellington Street West, M5V 3P6 Toronto, Canada
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Whitehall Suites Toronto
Whitehall Suites Toronto
263 Wellington Street West, M5V 3E6 Toronto, Canada
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Your Guide to Toronto Hotels

“When I think of myself, I think of Toronto. My music wouldn’t have been the same if it had not been for Toronto.”
Drake, a multi-million record selling and multi-platinum album recording hip hop artist, expressed his affection for his home city in these candid words. Not too many Toronto residents would disagree with the sentiments, and most would be willing to share their versions of their love tangles with Toronto in more eloquent words. That’s the true spirit of this beautifully windy city – a city perched amidst jungles and mountains, rivers and waterfalls, wildlife and humans. 

The cultural fabric of Toronto is much unlike any other city in the world. It is a city, in spite of being among the best in the world, has always loved to lurk somewhere in the background, while other Canadian competitors like Vancouver take the center stage. In short, it is a city that is lost unto itself – too busy to care about world’s perception of it, and certainly too preoccupied to have a perception of the world. 

Toronto also happens to be the cultural capital of Canada – a city with a thriving music, movie and art scene. Even today, it would not be too difficult for visitors to find an odd hippie – like a rundown version of now anachronistic specimen of the 60’s – quietly playing a banjo by some busy pavement. That, dear readers, is Toronto for you! 

So, if you are planning on actually going ahead and visiting this beautifully quiet city, you should pat yourself on the back, and promptly make your plans materialize – there’s really no time to lose, is there? 

Cheap Hotels in Toronto 

Being among the few Canadian cities that can be called ‘global cities’, Toronto boasts of a number of various classes and grades of hotel and resort establishments that tourists can avail of. 

Many of our readers who are veteran tourists themselves would agree that the best – perhaps the only – way to bring your tour expenditure down to a manageable minimum is to stay at cheap hotels. Hence, the first step of the algorithm to finding a suitable accommodation in Toronto would be to look for such cheap hotels that allow you to spend the minimum required, while also allowing you to enjoy to the fullest! 

Best Western Plus Hotel Toronto ranks the highest among all the budget hotels in Toronto because of its impeccably attractive building and great location. Travelodge Hotel near the airport is another great pick of a budget hotel, made even more appealing due to its proximity with the airport. 

Brand Palace Hotel allows visitors to stay in safe, sound and homely ambiance, while not charging them hefty room tariffs. 

Luxury Hotels in Toronto 

There are over three dozen luxury hotels in Toronto that are known to make the stay of their guests a grand affair to be remembered for lifetime. 

Call it a stiff competition or the sheer pressure to please their patrons, such Toronto hotels do not leave any avenue unattended while hosting their esteemed guests who do not bat an eye while signing heavy checks or swiping their credit cards. 

Among such establishments of extreme luxury and opulence, Trump International Hotel and Tower at Toronto is an automatic top choice. Built by Trump Corp. – the group owned and operated by Donald Trump – this hotel is fully given to hosting the guests of the highest social stature and aura of riches. 

Also famous in Toronto are Ritz-Carlton Toronto and the Ivy at Verity. 

Sightseeing in Toronto 

Toronto opens up countless options of sightseeing and adventure to those who do not mind spending their whole day outdoors. In fact, Toronto is perhaps the best place to be for adventurous and outdoorsy of tourists. 

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada should be your first stopover during your Toronto sightseeing forays, particularly if you have young children accompanying you for your trip. This aquarium, the best in Canada, offers great learning experiences along with entertainment to kids and adults alike. 

The CN Tower is also a monumental place to visit. For photo enthusiasts, there is a special selfie gallery where you can click your selfies with the panoramic view of Toronto in the background. 

Shopping freaks can turn straight to St Lawrence Market in the evenings, to cool their heels off from a long day of sightseeing in Toronto. The market offers a number of local artefacts and stylised souvenirs that are perfect for home décor and gifting purposes. To make the deal sweeter, prices here are fair enough to make you want to buy more than you can possibly carry! 

More About Local Transport in Toronto 

Local transport in the city of Toronto is in the pink of its health. Canada is often considered to be a country that loves to be on time, and lead a disciplined life. 

In that sense, the public transport of Toronto does not and will not disappoint you. Trains and buses running along the designate routes with clockwork punctuality is a given in these parts of the world. If you take some time off to study the bus and train schedule, you won’t even be required to hire a cab even once during your stay in Toronto! 

The best way to actually enjoy everything that Toronto has to offer you is to see various sights on foot as much as possible. And while you are at it, do not overlook all those food trucks loaded with deliciously spoiling delicacies! 

Most Suitable Time to Take a Trip to Toronto 

Toronto in winter, being so close to the Arctic Circle, is arguably not a place for tourists who are looking to have some balmy, sunny fun. 

That said, summer does bring an air of respite for Toronto residents as markets and street get filled up with enthusiastic faces all over again. May to September is considered to be the period of most zealous tourist activities here, promptly accompanied by most Toronto hotels taking their room tariffs from the nadir of the winter to the zenith of the summer!   

A bit about Toronto
  • Top Attractions:
  • CN Tower, Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada, Niagara Falls, St. Lawrence Market, Royal Ontario Museum, The Culinary Adventure Company, Skylon Tower
  • Population:
  • 2,615,060
  • City Size:
  • 243 mi²
  • Average Temperature:
  • 16°F (-9°C), Wind NE at 16 mph (26 km/h), 72% Humidity
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