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Kensington Park Hotel - A Personality Hotel
Kensington Park Hotel - A Personality Hotel
450 Post Street, Union Square, San...
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Hotel Nikko San Francisco
Hotel Nikko San Francisco
222 Mason Street, Union Square, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
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Villa Florence Hotel
Villa Florence Hotel
225 Powell Street, Union Square, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
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The Westin St Francis on Union Square
The Westin St Francis on Union Square
335 Powell Street, Union Square, Sa...
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Argonaut Hotel, a Noble House Hotel
Argonaut Hotel, a Noble House Hotel
495 Jefferson Street, Fisherman's W...
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Orchard Hotel
Orchard Hotel
665 Bush Street, Union Square, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA
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Galleria Park, a Joie de Vivre Hotel
Galleria Park, a Joie de Vivre Hotel
191 Sutter Street, Financial Distri...
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Park Central San Francisco Union Square, A Starwood Hotel
Park Central San Francisco Union Square, A Starwood Hotel
50 3rd Street, Union Square, San Fr...
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Your Guide to San Francisco Hotels

“Knowing is not enough – we MUST apply.
Thinking is not enough – we MUST do!”
These words of wisdom are often attributed to Bruce Lee, a famed MMA expert and global superstar, who was born and raised in the mean streets of Chinatown, San Francisco. 

The city of San Francisco is known by many names – from the City by the Bay of Pacific to the City that Knows. As far as its historic heritage is concerned, it was also among the first west coast cities to be inhabited by European settlers. 

For tourists, of course, the permanently itched global image of San Francisco is that of the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge entrapped from below in a shroud of thick fog that creates a mesmerizing visual. San Francisco has also featured in a number of popular movies, from Rain Man to 500 Days of Summer. 

So, if you are planning on making a trip down to this city of immense warmth, you need first be congratulated on your fine taste in tourism. Next comes looking for hotels in San Francisco, and that is exactly the point of this write up. 

Budget Hotels in San Francisco

San Francisco is among the most neatly planned and developed cities in the United States, ranking much higher than big players like New York City and Los Angeles. Somehow, San Francisco has managed to maintain that look of dignity, morality and most of all, education that other big cities in the US seem to lack. It comes as a no surprise then, when one learns that San Francisco regularly ranks in the top 5 places in the lists of best cities in the world to live, or the happiest cities in the world. 

With all those accolades, however, come prices to pay. And that’s no metaphor. San Francisco also happens to be among the most expensive American cities to live in, and hence, finding cheap hotels here can be a mammoth ask. 

But if one still has to put their mind to it, there are certain San Francisco hotels that can be squeezed into this category, albeit with extra liberties being taken while defining what ‘cheap’ really means. 

Among all the potential candidates, however, one hotel consistently stands up to the tall expectations of global tourists – Nob Hill Inn. It is a restored property (a former townhouse, built over a century ago) that still evokes the charms of the early 20th century. Moreover, it’s located very conveniently from tourism point of view and doesn’t cost a lot in comparison with other hotels in San Francisco. 

Grant Plaza Hotel is another perfect hotel for those who do not wish to spend a lot on accommodations. Touchstone Hotel and San Remo are another similar establishments that have been in operation for over four decades. 

Letting it Loose in SF

It’s easy, when you look at it in a liberal sense of opinion, to spend a lot and live in luxury, if you have enough budget available. 

And if you are willing to spend, San Francisco will open her arms wide open for you, as there are over four dozen top-notch luxury hotel and establishments that embezzle the neighborhoods of this city. 

Among these, Lowes Regency is a supreme hotel that incorporates luxury and convenience (at a formidable price, though). Another property that luxury hotel lovers can find worth a visit is the Omni San Francisco Hotel. Located in the heart of the downtown, Omni is a perfect blend of luxury, style and elegance. Hyatt has made their mark in this beautiful city with the royal Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf that allows its guests to wake up to beautiful vast expanses of San Francisco Bay, and spend their evenings in the surreal company of Pacific sunset. 

San Francisco Tourist Attractions 

As mentioned earlier, San Francisco tourist attractions list just aren’t complete without a mention of the Golden Gate Bridge. This imposing feat of architecture and engineering has come to define the city that San Francisco has shaped up to be in last one hundred years. 

Among other things to see in San Francisco, the Exploratorium takes the top place. It’s a lot more fun than most other museums you will ever visit, and a trip there makes for some quality family time, especially if you are taking your children along. Another unmissable place in San Francisco is the famous AT&T Ball Park that has witnessed some truly historic moments in the game that America fondly calls their own. 

San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Park are worth a visit, preferably early in the day, as it can get really humid out there past noon. 

For pop culture lover, a trip to Alcatraz Island can be a great memory, particularly because of all the hype that has always surrounded this place. 

Finding Hotels Near SFO

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is a busy airport that acts as a central operational base for United Airlines. It is one of the busiest airports in the country and handles visitor traffic in excess of 50 million every year. 

Tourists from Europe, Asia and Oceania often arrive in San Francisco via SFO. The airport is located at a short distance (approx. 15 miles) from the city space and hence, is easily reachable via road. Many buses operate with good frequency, shuttling passengers to and fro between the airport and the downtown San Francisco. 

Finding cheap hotels along this way is not really a good prospect, as there aren’t too many establishments present in this stretch.

Local Transport in San Francisco 

The best way to travel in and around San Francisco is to hire a private cab for the day, or rent a car and drive it around yourself. If you are a foreign national, you are best advised to hire an experienced cab driver and a local guide to show you around. Most San Francisco hotels do arrange for cabs and guides at a nominal fee. 

In essence, San Francisco is a city that’s best enjoyed, rather than merely visited! 

A bit about San Francisco
  • Top Attractions:
  • Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, Electric Tour Company Segway Tours, Dylan's Tours, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco Bay
  • Population:
  • 852,469
  • City Size:
  • 232 mi²
  • Average Temperature:
  • 62°F (17°C), Wind NNE at 7 mph (11 km/h), 100% Humidity
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