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Best Western Plus St. Christopher Hotel
Best Western Plus St. Christopher Hotel
114 Magazine Street, New Orleans Ce...
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The Westin New Orleans Canal Place
The Westin New Orleans Canal Place
100 Rue Iberville, New Orleans, LA...
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Best Western Plus Landmark French Quarter
Best Western Plus Landmark French Quarter
920 North Rampart Street, New Orlea...
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Pelham Hotel
Pelham Hotel
444 Common Street, New Orleans Central Business District, New Orleans, LA 7...
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JW Marriott New Orleans
JW Marriott New Orleans
614 Canal Street, New Orleans Central Business District, New Orleans, LA 70...
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Courtyard by Marriott New Orleans Downtown/Iberville
Courtyard by Marriott New Orleans Downtown/Iberville
910 Iberville Street, New Orleans C...
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Your Guide to New Orleans Hotels

“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.
Everywhere else is Cleveland.”
Tennessee Williams, one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century (and a proud New Orleans citizen), had this to say about cities in America. Well, people would be forgiven to point at the tremendous bias this statement inherently carries, but the fact remains that it is not at all a thing far from the reality.

New Orleans, Louisiana is one of the finest cities in America. Very few cities can claim to have an impact that’s as telling and as pervasive as the Big Easy is known to have on the fabric of American culture. It is everywhere – from music to diversity, from politics to tourism, from food to family values and from literature to social activism. 

To put it very concisely, New Orleans is all about passion. People who live here are warm to the core. They still cherish the American values of family first and still gather round at the toll of 9 in the nearest church on Sundays. They still enjoy backyard barbecues and they still fry their catfish in a lot of unprocessed oil. They still love the Mardi Gras just as much as they did in 1960s and they still get thrilled at every lick of guitar that has ever left B.B. King’s Lucille. 

In short, if you are planning on visiting New Orleans, you should start looking forward to your trip already. There are tons of places to visit and loads of fun to be had. All you need is a good deal of time, and of course, a place to crash at night. That’s what this article is all about. 

Budget Stay in New Orleans 

Tourists who want to make the most of all the things that New Orleans really has to offer will have to cut down on some tour costs in order to enjoy to the fullest. And of course, there’s no better way of achieving this than finding some cheap hotels to stay while you are touring. 

New Orleans is a city that doesn’t know what snobbery is. Of course, there are relics of bitter bygone years, but still, it is a city that loves to include anyone and everyone – irrespective of how much they can spend. 

That’s why, it is not such an ordeal to find some really convenient, cosy and comfortably warm hotels in New Orleans that do not make huge dents in your pocket. It’s a given that you will have to trade some excessive amenities like private car with chauffeur, but otherwise you should really be okay with such hotel and motel establishments while you are staying in New Orleans. 

Prince Conit and Place D’Armes are two crowd favorites in this segment. Located in the heart of the city, these two options will allow tourists to squeeze some extra bucks in their tour budget. Hotel Villa Convento is a great alternative to these, if you like spacious (albeit under-furnished) condos/hotel rooms. 

Taking The High-Way in Big Easy 

Who doesn’t like spending their weekends in a big, vibrant, joyful city such as New Orleans, all the while staying in their lavish, well-decorated luxury suites with all the services ready just at a call’s notice?

Well, nobody would mind that, for sure. 

If that struck your fancy, welcome to the world of New Orleans hotels that defy pricing logic and comfort levels to create a surreal hotel segment. 

The Roosevelt Court (a Waldorf Astoria Hotel) is probably the most popular and most significant in this category. Known for its longstanding association with the local culture, it is a famous landmark in the area. Furnished with stately materials and equipped with pretty much every luxury from in-house spas to a great front yard swimming pool, it is one-stop shop for those who wish to buy luxury. 

Among other luxury hotels in New Orleans, Hotel Montelone is especially notable for its exquisitely designed menus. Windsor Court, virtually the heart of the city, is also a great luxury alternative. 

Alternative Lodging Options in New Orleans 

Among other options that tourists can think of exploring while staying in New Orleans, homestays, holiday rentals and short term studio rentals take the top place. 

Homestays are comfortable, cheap and extremely enjoyable, unlike most hotel stays. Similarly, short term studio apartment rentals ensure that you get what you paid for – nothing more, nothing less! 

Sightseeing in New Orleans 

The best known sight in New Orleans is definitely the National World War II Museum. Filled to the edge with some poignant and great memorabilia from the war that changed the world, this museum is definitely a top pick for those who care for our history. 

Among many other attraction in New Orleans, Frenchmen Street, French Quarter, Garden District, St Louis Cathedral make regular appearances on itineraries of millions of visitors who visit New Orleans each year. 

When Should You Visit New Orleans? 

The straightforward and easiest answer is – whenever you feel like! 

New Orleans lies in a temperate weather zone and is pretty much warm throughout the year. There are, however, torrid rains that can cause some flutter in your plans, but that’s always to be taken in one’s stride. 

If you happen to be in New Orleans just around the holiday season, make it a point to stretch your trip just a little bit so that it allows you to take part in the world famous Mardi Gras festival (remember Jack Nicholson in ‘Easy Rider’?). Known for flashy clothes and surreally beautiful parades, it is the best time of the year to be in this city. Most New Orleans hotels provide special amenities, including special rebates on room tariff, lucky draws, fun games for kids and complimentary Mardi Gras guides. 

Even if you are staying at cheap hotels, December and January are two months that will always make you feel at home in this city of music, great food, enjoyment and sincerely warm hospitality! 

A bit about New Orleans
  • Top Attractions:
  • The National WWII Museum, RTA - Streetcars, Jackson Square, Frenchmen Street, Garden District, Preservation Hall
  • Population:
  • 384,320
  • City Size:
  • 350 mi²
  • Average Temperature:
  • 52°F (11°C), Wind NNW at 14 mph (23 km/h), 81% Humidity
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