Most Popular London Hotels

The Marylebone Hotel a member of The Doyle Collection
The Marylebone Hotel a member of The Doyle Collection
47 Welbeck Street, Westminster, Lon...
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The Montcalm
The Montcalm
34, Great Cumberland Place, Westminster, London, W1H 7TW, United Kingdom
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Pullman London St Pancras
Pullman London St Pancras
100 - 110 Euston Road, Camden, London, NW1 2AJ, United Kingdom
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Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire
Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire
31-36 Leicester Square, Westminster...
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The May Fair Hotel
The May Fair Hotel
Stratton Street, Mayfair, Westminster, London, W1J 8LT, United Kingdom
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Mercure London Paddington Hotel
Mercure London Paddington Hotel
144 Praed St, Paddington, Westminst...
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Millennium Hotel London Mayfair
Millennium Hotel London Mayfair
44 Grosvenor Square, Westminster, L...
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Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge
Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge
17-25 Sloane Street, Knightsbridge,...
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Your Guide to London Hotels

“TWENTY bridges from Tower to Kew -
Wanted to know what the River knew, 
Twenty Bridges or twenty-two,
For they were young, and the Thames was old
And this is the tale that River told.”
Rudyard Kipling, creator of immortal characters like Mowgli and Kim, wrote these few lines about London – a city that he himself had a bittersweet relationship with. 

Talking about London and men and women of letter, nothing more can be said than the fact that London has been at the forefront of revolution in almost every walks of art – and, by extension, life – for over five centuries in succession now. The history of London beyond that point is for annals to take care of. But one just cannot help but compare the London of Dickens with that of Woolf, London of Kipling with that of Burgess and London of Amis to that of Rushdie. 

There’s much more to see in London that one can possibly have time or energy for. Despite living out a lifetime in this city of old and new, people fail to thoroughly scour the city for sights worth seeing. So, one can only imagine the plight that the tourist have when they have as much as one paltry week to encompass all that London has to offer. 

But life is all about taking misfortunes into stride. Hence, moving ahead, we might as well take a look at what a trip to London might unfold for you. 

Staying Cheap in London 

This is perhaps the biggest worry that tourists have. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to buy real estate in. So, quite naturally, hotel prices in London are always much higher than the par prices elsewhere in the world. Because of this very fact, it’s quite difficult to find cheap hotels in or around London with ease. 

However, if you are in luck and you are visiting the city in off season months (winters), you just might be able to secure one among few budget hotels in London. 

Finer Hotels in London 

Moving upwards in terms of nightly prices, there are numerous luxury hotels in London that regularly cater to extravagant expectations of their rich guests that include members of the royalty from around the world, movie stars, rock stars, politicians, heads of state and all other sorts of influential and important people. 

If you wish to stay at one of such high end London hotels, you would need to shell out sums that can easily clock above £1,000. That’s merely one thousand pounds for a night! 

The Berkeley, Bulgari Hotel, the Connaught, Claridge’s are some exemplary names from this glorious list of luxury establishments in London. 

Most Popular Tourists Destinations in London 

It’s next to impossible to even try to boil down what sights London has to offer to tourists and visitors. 

Buckingham Palace is the most popular tourist destination in London. Presently the residence of the Royal Family of England, some parts of the palace is made open for public regularly. 

Apart from the palace, the Houses of Parliament are among other very famous tourist attractions. St. James Park and Hyde Park are two large parks in London that are definitely worth an evening visit. Other famous attractions in London include the Big Ben, London Tower, the London Eye etc.

The Natural History Museum in London is a treat for those who are interested in the history of our planet, our species and our fellow species. Borough Market and Westminster Abbey are not to be missed, either. 

Music lovers can pay a visit to Royal Albert hall and Royal Opera House where concerts and shows are regularly conducted. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Sightseeing in London 

Sightseeing in London is an experience in itself. The city that has a documented history of over 2,000 years, dating back to the times of Roman invaders. If you are planning on going on a sightseeing trip around London, there are some things you would do well to keep in mind. 

The first and the foremost thing that tourists should keep in mind – and this applies to most tourist destinations, not just London – is to enjoy the process, rather than merely documenting it with the help of pictures. 

Another important thing is to keep by the rules. Unlike most places in the world, London rules are pretty strict regarding cameras, mobile phones, tablets and newer fads like selfie sticks. 

If the sign says ‘no cameras allowed’, do make sure that you bring no cameras. In sensitive places like London Art Gallery, such blunders can lead you to unnecessary and easily avoidable blunders. 

As is often portrayed in literature and art, London weather is very fickle. So, you should make it a point to bring an umbrella, if not a mac, with you to keep you dry during one of the unexpected bursts of sudden showers. 

To really get to know whatever of London you decide to visit, you will be best advised to seek assistance from professional and experienced local guides. It doesn’t matter if you are staying at one of those cheap hotels or one of those glitzy palatial buildings, a request with the hotel management to arrange for a guide will never go unattended to. 

Getting Around in London 

Getting around in London should never be an issue as there are, quite literally, dozens of transport options in any given situation. Being one of the most important cities in the world, London is extremely well kept with public transport that chiefly comprises of buses, trams and trains. London is perfectly connected with all parts of the country via an extensive network of roads and trains. 

To get around in London, you can hire a private taxi or a private car for yourself to drive. The latter can be quite an economical choice, especially if you rent a car for over 7 days. All London hotels are known to provide additionally paid (over the top) car services to their guests. 

A bit about London
  • Top Attractions:
  • Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Olympic Stadium, St. Pancras Station, Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, London Underground, British Museum
  • Population:
  • 8,538,689
  • City Size:
  • 607 mi²
  • Average Temperature:
  • 46°F (8°C), Wind W at 11 mph (18 km/h), 93% Humidity
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