Most Popular Hamburg Hotels

Scandic Hamburg Emporio
Scandic Hamburg Emporio
Dammtorwall 19, Hamburg Neustadt, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
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Hotel Europäischer Hof Hamburg
Hotel Europäischer Hof Hamburg
Kirchenallee 45, St. Georg, 20099 H...
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Park Hyatt Hamburg
Park Hyatt Hamburg
Bugenhagenstr. 8, Hamburg Altstadt, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
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Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg
Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg
An der Alster 72-79, St. Georg, 200...
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Barceló Hamburg
Barceló Hamburg
Ferdinandstrasse 15, Hamburg Altstadt, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
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SIDE Design Hotel Hamburg
SIDE Design Hotel Hamburg
Drehbahn 49, Hamburg Neustadt, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
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Your Guide to Hamburg Hotels

“We were just four Liverpudlian kids, man. No more than that, no less. We were unknowns. Faces in the crowd. But Hamburg helped us find our feet. A fan of mine once asked me if Liverpool made the Beatles. It sure made us. But no, it was Hamburg that made the Beatles.” 
John Lennon, perhaps the most loved music icon of all time, had this to say in an interview about Hamburg – the city that discovered four regular guys from Liverpool and made them a local sensation. What followed is really the stuff that most people can’t even dream about. 

That phenomenon is not new to Hamburg, though. The city has literally seen everything that art has to offer – from majestic churches and cathedrals to antiquated performance centers graced by the best of the best. 

Moreover, another telling contribution that the city of Hamburg can boast about and be innately proud of is the quintessential American food – Hamburger. The list can go on and on, and if you are visiting Hamburg any time soon, be sure to dig as deep into this history as you can, for that will only make your trip to Hamburg more than just a sightseeing and photo posing affair. 

If you are wondering what hotels in Hamburg have to offer to tourists like yourself, then look no farther – we have compiled all the information you will ever need, right on this page! 

Cheap Stay in Hamburg 

Hamburg is one of the oldest and the most populated cities in Germany, and a major center for arts, culture, politics, transport, trade and tourism. Considering all these labels, the number of visitors this city regularly attracts – over 3 million annually, on an average – is not at all surprising. 

As an extension of this idea, it would be very plain and crystal clear for veteran tourists that Hamburg has all classes and types of accommodation facilities to cater to this wide range of tourists.

If cheap hotels is what you prefer to go with when you in Hamburg, then you will have more than a handful of options, as Hamburg houses over 300 various hotel establishments with over 20,000 rooms in total.

That said, finding such cheap hotels can be tricky if you keep looking in wrong places. Downtown Hamburg is the last place, for example, you could find an affordable hotel in. So, you are better off looking in one of the boroughs, preferable Harburg or Altona. 

Ibis Budget Lodge is one of the most popular among cheap Hamburg hotels and you could get a great deal here, if you book at least two months prior to your arrival in the city. Pyjama Park Hotel is another specialty hotel that is definitely within the budget range of most tourists. Zleep Hostel is a guest house dedicated to hosting backpackers and bachelors and is a perfect place to crash for a night or two. 

Michealis Hotel can be the most expensive among such affordable lodges but it’s certainly better than the rest of them. 

Regal Hamburg Accommodation Options 

Many tourists love to stay at a hotel that offers all sorts of amenities, even if that means shelling out a few hundred dollars (marks, if you will) extra.

Among luxury hotels in Hamburg, the most notable is Hotel Volksschule. Famous for its historical building that evokes long lost aristocratic years, a stay here can be a memory in itself for travelers. 

Park Hyatt is the best Hyatt hotel in the whole of Germany, and quite surprisingly, it’s much cheaper than other Hyatt operations in European countries. Similarly, The Madison Hamburg and Fairmont Hotel leave no trick unexplored to make their guests comfortable and treat them regally. 

Off The Stay in Hamburg 

Not all tourists are typically wowed by the grandeur of a luxury hotel or the affordability of a cheap hotel. Some of them like to feel at home even when they are traveling, while some love the feeling of customization that independent or boutique establishments can provide. 

For such perfectionists of tourists, Hamburg offers a number of personalized stay options like studio flat rentals and homestays. Homestays in Hamburg can be quite economical as well, with the mean price hovering somewhere around $80 a night, adjusted for currency conversion. 

Remember These Tips! 

As usual, there are a few tips that tourists who are planning on visiting Hamburg, or Germany in general, need to be aware of. 

The first and the foremost – having even rudimentary knowledge, understanding or comfort level with the German language can be a huge advantage here. Basic conversational questions and answers can take you long way in Hamburg, especially if you get into any untoward situations. 

If you are visiting Hamburg in winter, be sure to pack a lot of wool. Tourists should also note that fur and animal skin apparels are generally deemed illegal in most European countries. So, leave them at home, if you have them. 

A common blunder that many tourists seem to commit while visiting Hamburg is running after famous sights without actually enjoying them at all. Granted, there are dozens of sights here that nobody would want to miss out on – but as much as it matters, do not trade enjoyment off for the love of checking items off your list (or worse, selfies). 

Planning Your Trip to Hamburg

Before arriving in Hamburg, make sure you have everything – at least crudely – planned out. This will help you stay on top of your schedule and leave you with some spare time that you can devote to a sight off the itinerary. 

The best time to travel to is during summer months – March to August. These months are littered (quite literally) with music shows, art festivals, food festivals, cultural walk tours and beer fests in Hamburg. Speaking of good food, great beer and incredible fun, October can be a perfect time for tourists who want to participate in the much famed Oktoberfest. Be warned though – most Hamburg hotels (including the cheap ones) raise their prices by as much as 150% during this month! 

A bit about Hamburg
  • Top Attractions:
  • Town Hall, Miniatur Wunderland, SANDEMANs NEW Hamburg Tours, Bar Le Lion, Park Planten un Blomen, Alter Elbtunnel
  • Population:
  • 1,774,242
  • City Size:
  • 292 mi²
  • Average Temperature:
  • 41°F (5°C), Wind WSW at 7 mph (11 km/h), 93% Humidity
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