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NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse
NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse
Friedrichstr. 96, Mitte, 10117 Berl...
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H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz
H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 32a, Mitte, 10178 Berlin, Germany
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Ramada Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz
Ramada Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 32, Mitte,...
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NH Berlin Kurfürstendamm
NH Berlin Kurfürstendamm
Grolmanstr. 41-43, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, 10623 Berlin, Germany
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Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Berlin City West
Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Berlin City West
Bundesallee 31a, Charlottenburg-Wil...
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Ramada Hotel Berlin Mitte
Ramada Hotel Berlin Mitte
Chausseestr. 118-120, Mitte, 10115 Berlin, Germany
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Your Guide to Berlin Hotels

“I would hesitate in calling Berlin a city. It means world to me. No, I think Berlin is quite literally a little world of its own.”
Jean Paul, a famous French-German philosopher, wrote this about Berlin. On the face value, it seems a very generic compliment paid to a city by a man who made a living in that city. However, on a wholesome level, it just reflects what Berlin is all about. It’s a world unto itself.

Berlin features prominently in some of the most important events in world history, and quite admittedly, some of them will never be fondly remembered of. At any rate, the place of Berlin in history is undisputedly important.

Mark Twain, that man of fast wits from Mississippi, wrote that Berlin was the newest city he had ever been to. To him, it felt newer, fresher and gayer than Chicago – a phenomenon of city planning in those times. JFK, making a speech in Berlin, made that famous blunder of ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’. It is the same city that saw the wall of division being torn down towards the end of the 20th century.

If you are visiting Berlin, don’t overlook this historical and cultural significance of it. For what it’s worth, the world as we know it today has a lot to thank Berlin for. 

Fairly Priced Hotels in Berlin

Staying in Berlin can be expensive if you do not have a clearly cut out strategy to reduce your expenses. This is partly due to the fact that Berlin is among the costliest cities in the world to buy real estate. Also, immaculate infrastructure, cultural vibrancy and overall historical significance make it a city perfect for living a peaceful life.

That’s why, tourists may find it a tad difficult to find cheap hotels while visiting Berlin. That, however, can be dealt with ease if you book well in advance, as Berlin hotels tend to offer generous early bird discounts to travelers.

Michelberger Hotel is among the best known hotels in Berlin and is, quite strangely, not all that expensive. Located in the heart of the city, it provides warmth, comfort and convenience to tourists. Also notable in this regard are: Holiday Inn Berlin, The Circus Hotel and Berlin Plaza Hotel. 

Lavish Life in Berlin 

Tourists are often prone to various follies. Some like to keep it all too economical while other love spending without giving it a second thought. For the tourists who count themselves in the latter category, luxury resorts in Berlin can be the best way to spend their time in this capital of Germany.

There are over 100 luxury hotel establishments in Berlin that bear five stars, and even more. Among all these, the cherry on top presents itself in the form of ‘Hotel de Rome’. Known for its lavish suites that host Popes and Presidents, Hotel de Rome is a hotel that just cannot find any matches in the region, when we talk about luxury and comfort.

Among other luxury Berlin hotels, Hotel Regent is a worthy mention, only for its world-renowned high-European architecture. Similarly, Adlan Kempsinki and Das Stue are famous for their mouth watering buffet spreads and global kitchens. 

Finding Offbeat Accommodation in Berlin 

There are many accommodation options in Berlin that can be considered to be off the beaten path. These may not, however, appeal to every tourists. Hence, adequate care in regard with online research, reviews and feedback should be carried out before booking one of these.

The most prominent among these are homestays and summer villas. Berlin is one of the best cities in the world in terms of air quality. So, to have a house to your own in summers is probably going to be the highlight of your trip. The best aspect of this idea is that homestays and summer villas usually offer very good and comfortable accommodation without costing anywhere near as what reputable hotels in Berlin would cost you.

Other than these, there are a number of studio apartments and private lodging opportunities available. These turn out to be really good deals for backpackers, students and visitors who are visiting Berlin for business. Tourists who wish to stay for longer periods can strike personalized deals with property owners. So long as your stay does not exceed three months, you will not be legally required to prepare a rent agreement. 

Hotels in The Vicinity of Berlin Airport 

Most travelers enter Berlin via the famed Berlin Tegel Airport. This airport is situated right in the middle of the city and hence, tourists should not find too many difficulties in location cheap hotels in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

Some travelers, especially from third-party airlines and non-European airlines, find themselves landed at the Schonefeld Airport. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes by road to reach the cityscape from the Schonefeld Airport and hence, tourists are best advised not to waste their time looking for a hotel near the Schonefeld Airport. 

Ideal Time To Visit Berlin 

Like most other European cities, the best time to visit Berlin is during summer months (March to June). During these months, tourists can expect to encounter a number of local attractions that range from insanely appetizing food festivals to incredibly irresistible beer festivals. A number of strange customs come out of winter shadows and life seems to take a turn for the better in Berlin during summer, not to mention the unspeakable beauty of rural Germany that tourists can enjoy by driving for half an hour from the city limits. Hotel prices, though, tend to fly through the roof during this period and hence, you should be prepared to stretch your budget a little wider.

Those who are open to trading expenses off for some fun can visit Berlin during winter, as well. On a positive note, such tourists can take some heart from the fact that holiday season in Berlin is just about as cheery as you will find anywhere else. 

A bit about Berlin
  • Top Attractions:
  • Insider Tour Berlin, SANDEMANs NEW Berlin Tours, Fat Tire Bike Tours, Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor), Memorial of the Berlin Wall, Topography of Terror
  • Population:
  • 3,562,166
  • City Size:
  • 344 mi²
  • Average Temperature:
  • 34°F (1°C), Wind W at 3 mph (5 km/h), 93% Humidity
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