About Travel Ticker

Travel Ticker is a fast-growing online hotel booking platform which provides unique opportunities for our customers to get best hotel deals. We provide our users with a full, detailed comparison of a number of hotels and let them find the optimal choice which suits their individual needs and expectations. This way we can ensure maximum satisfaction to our customers regarding their trips and hotel choices.

How does it work?

The way Travel Ticker works is really simple. The first step is to type in the destination of your journey. You will then be given all of the available options in the chosen city or region. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of choice, worry not! Simply use some of the filtering options to leave out the hotels that do not meet your personal requirements.

After that is done, the only thing left to do is to carefully study all of the options that are left. Just because the place is expensive does not mean that their guests are having a good time there, and a lower priced hotel can surprise their visitors with an astounding level of service. When you finally make the decision to book a hotel, simply click on your favorite deal and you will be taken to a partner website where you will be able to make the purchase.

Our competitive edge

Our website has already helped many people save on their hotel reservations – our data shows an average of 42% in savings! With many world-wide known partners, we strive to provide the most up-to-date information regarding the prices of the hotels. Not only that, we constantly update our hotel descriptions since we believe that every small detail could break or make a vacation. That’s the value that Travel Ticker provides to our customers.

Another important goal here in our company is to provide our users with the largest hotel price database without sacrificing the quality. We believe that the better the sample size, the better conclusions – in our case, this means that the more hotels we display on our website, the smarter decision our customers will be able to make. That’s why we currently have over 100,000 hotels to choose from and are expanding constantly.

The Travel Ticker team

The main trend in company’s philosophy revolves around hard work and attention to detail. Here at Travel Ticker, we do not have shouting bosses and strict totalitarian hierarchy. Every single member of our staff is self-motivated, is able to manage his or her own time and produce great results.

The greatest thing about people at Travel Ticker is that everyone is focused on the end goal – to give our users the best experience possible. We have people responsible for quality of content. They look for mistakes, out-of-date information or technical errors, which might spoil the visit to our website drastically.